Big Slab of Dub Steak — Idle

Check out the latest Neutrient tune on soundcloud:


An Empty DAW Project

Droptek just posted a screenshot of a fresh new DAW project. And voiced the excitement of beginning a new project. I completely agree … when it comes to coding. However in music production, my personal point of excitement is once I have that initial beat laid down and am ready to start building around it. At that point I’ve already rummaged through my samples and synths for the percussion I want, I’ve compressed and EQ’d sounds and tinkered with volume levels.
At that point it is time to peruse the synths and scour the webbernets for sounds, vocalhooks, or ambiance. All these things sound equally as tedious and going through hundreds of drum sounds – and it is – and yet, I’ve got a beat looping through my headphones and I have a hint as to the ‘personality’ of the song I am working on bringing to life.

What is your favorite stage of music production?


Creepy, Dark Nightmare Inducing Music!

Elevator Death Trap has been posted to SoundCloud! Check it out here:


Abusing Instruments – In the Name of Genius

Sometimes innovation springs out of abusing and misusing existing genius. Musical instruments have been invented and honed throughout history. Below are some examples of people taking those instruments and coming up with new and creative ways to use and abuse them. The results are genius.

Who knew a Ukulele could do this?

If you’ve never seen Greg Pattillo, don’t stop with the video below – watch his others they’re all amazing

This song (and probably this video as well) has been played into the ground, but it is still amazing – Five people on one guitar

And similarly – Five people on one piano


Documentary: Moog

From the first moment of this documentary, you are hooked. Like so many others – I LOVE synthesizers. And here is the father of the synthesizer. Robert Moog discusses the origins of the synthesizer, tells great stories along the way and uncovers the original reactions to such ‘unnatural’ instruments as synthesizers. It is amazingly fascinating to hear Moog talk about the origins of the standard envelope we all know and use, as well as watching the assembling of truly gorgeous analogue synthesizers.


The Fascinating Life of Shane MacGowan

A link to Shane’s official website just came through my feeds. Being a lover of The Pogues I had to check it out. When I landed on that page I got sucked into his Bio page. This fascinating read was written by his brother, offering not Shane’s take on himself – but his brother recollecting their youth and watching his brother rise into stardom. You won’t be able to ‘put this bio donw’.

Check it out here.


Nightmare Clips vs Nightmare Music

I have recently finished a piece with my good friend Kevin Musto. It is a beast of an experimental/ambient song that combines melancholy guitar work and layered textures of vocal samples and horror clips. I posted it online considering it good for an initial pass.

I also wanted to post it as a soundtrack piece, so all the vocal clips and sound effects that are above and beyond the ‘musical’ elements had to be removed. I went in and took a hacksaw to the track, indiscriminately wiping out any sound effect, vocal piece or anything else that might be distracting in a sound score. After doing this I gave it a listen. To my surprise it sounded full and every bit as engaging as it did before.

It seems my assumption that the vocals and sounds were necessary to instill the idea of fear and darkness was wrong.

Have a listen to the two versions back to back and let me know what your thoughts are!

Full Song (with vocals and fx):

Mute Mix (no vocals etc):


5 Of the Most Worn Out Sounds In Electronic Music

I’m pretty sure this list will get me in trouble. The sounds and examples below aren’t necessarily bad – in fact, quite the opposite. These sounds and techniques are amazing, that’s why EVERYONE is ALWAYS using them. – But that’s the problem. These sounds get used SO much that they become tired and in some cases obnoxious when you hear them.


The Killer Launchpad and the Amazing Talent Playing it

Created by Novation, the Launchpad is described as a ‘music controller’. It works with Ableton software to trigger sounds and loops and tweak the sounds or add effects to them. The goal is to allow the musician to create or customize music in real time. Instead of simply letting a sequence play, or mixing – an electronic musician or DJ can make music live. Below are some of the amazing things being done with the Launchpad:

M4sonic – Virus

Willy Saul – Mashup (Complextro)

Launchpad x4

Square Bizness Megamix (Complextro House Part 2)


3D, Out of the Theater On to the Stage

3D is cool and all. I’ve seen some pretty cool 3D effects in movies – from environmentalist super smurfs to crazy snowflakes on the North Pole. And while I’m not terribly overwhelmed by the idea of 3D, a live show where objects are floating around in the concert hall, theater, stadium, etc could be kinda cool. Primus is toying with such an idea. It is a concept that was hatched by Michael Jackson… way back when, and now armed with improved technology Primus is having a go at it.

Check out the Fuse TV story on it: